Octopart is a search engine for electronic components
and industrial products. We help you find parts fast!

Engineering tools should be as streamlined and smart as everything else in your life: as your phone, as your email, as all the apps that help you manage your day-to-day. Your work should be as efficient as possible so you can generate innovative ideas, design elegant technology, and manufacture at scale, all because you can focus on the right things. There should not be any distractions caused by poorly designed websites, unreliable data, or unwieldy spreadsheets of haphazard electronic component information. You should be able to compare components, find important technical information, and easily grasp the spectrum of parts that will be a match for your design.

This is what Octopart strives for.

Finding electronic component information should not be holding engineers back from bringing ideas to life quickly and efficiently. We believe that pricing, availability, technical specifications, and reference designs should be transparent, fast to find, and easy to understand. That’s why we create powerful, intelligent tools that streamline the engineering workflow and enable fast decision making. Octopart provides accurate and complete data for millions of electronic components in a way that makes it easy to find and compare parts. Focus on the important stuff: building the technology of the future.

Octopart tools include:

  • A powerful search engine that makes it fast and easy to compare millions of components, find important technical information, quickly make component selection decisions, and purchase parts from distributors
  • An easy-to-use BOM Tool where you can save BOMs and adjust them, creating a snapshot of the availability and pricing of the products you plan to use
  • The Common Parts Library, a set of commonly used electronic components for prototyping, designing, and manufacturing connected device products
  • The Octopart API, which powers integrations with leading design, sourcing, and manufacturing services
  • An Excel Add-In, so you can view supply chain information for your BOM without leaving your spreadsheet
  • A Google Docs Add-On, an open source project that allows you to connect pricing and availability information to your BOMs in Google Docs

Our team

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Chris Calvi
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