Octopart is a search engine for electronic components and industrial products. We help you find parts fast!

Octopart was founded by a trio of experimental physicists with a vision of a better way to find parts online. Today, over 500,000 engineers, scientists, and sourcing professionals use our tools to search for parts across thousands of suppliers. We manage structured data for 30 million parts and growing.

Our team

Sam Wurzel Sam Wurzel
Sam Wurzel
Andres Morey Andres Morey
Andres Morey
Chris Calvi Chris Calvi
Chris Calvi
Derek Enos Derek Enos
Derek Enos
Russell Smith Russell Smith
Russell Smith
Emily Nichol Emily Nichol
Emily Nichol
Steve Perkins Steve Perkins
Steve Perkins
Abdul Hassan Abdul Hassan
Abdul Hassan
Mark Lindsay Mark Lindsay
Mark Lindsay
Matthew Lee Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee
Sam Bobb Sam Bobb
Sam Bobb
Matt Novenstern Matt Novenstern
Matt Novenstern
Paul Huang Paul Huang
Paul Huang

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