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How do I search for a part?

Try searching with manufacturer part numbers, distributor SKUs, keywords or descriptions. It's easy! Check out our video:

I need to find lots of parts. Can I search for multiple parts at once if I have a list?

Yes! Copy the part numbers on your list (along with the desired quantity, if applicable) and paste them into the search box. See how it works:

I have a general idea of the part I'm looking for, but no part number. How do I browse for it?

You can start by searching with a generic query term (e.g. resistors) or by browsing our categories, then applying search filters. Watch this example:

Can I upload and save Bill of Materials (BOMs)?

Absolutely. Start here or see it in action in this video:

I found the part I was looking for, but now what do I do?

First, check the parts page for stock and pricing information from our distributors. You can place an order with any of the listed distributors by clicking on the blue “Buy Now” button adjacent to their name. Not enough information? Click on the blue “Send RFQ” button to contact the distributor directly and get a comprehensive quote directly from them!

Can I buy parts from Octopart or sell parts to Octopart?

No. Octopart is a search engine for electronic parts. While we have information on over 20 million parts on our site, we don't have our own warehouse or stock of parts. You can buy parts from the distributors that we link to though! To visit a distributor, click the blue "Buy Now" link next to their name.

Where do you get your part information? What is your business model?

We get our information from electronics distributors who pay us a small referal fee when you click through to purchase parts from their site. We also sell banner ads across the site.

Are you guys owned by any one particular manufacturer or distributor?

No, we are an independent company.

I can't find a particular part on Octopart, what should I do?

If you know of a distributor who stocks the part and they’re not on our list of suppliers, please let that distributor know about Octopart and suggest that they list with us. If you think that a distributor our list has it in stock but it’s not showing up on Octopart, please email us.

Do you have a helpful API?

Sure do!

What determines the ordering of the distributors?

We break up distributors into three categories: Authorized Distributors, Non-Authorized Stocking Distributors, and Non-Authorized Dealers. Authorized distributors are always ranked higher than non-authorized distributors.

I submitted an RFQ via Octopart but never got a response! Now what?

Please email contact@octopart.com.

I have a suggestion for you guys. Who can I send it to?
I think Octopart is great! How can I let you know?
I'm getting an error, who should I report it to?

Please email us at contact@octopart.com!

I placed an order/RFQ with a distributor I found on Octopart and I'm having problems with my order. What should I do?

You should contact the distributor directly.

Why is the quantity in stock on Octopart different from what the distributor is reporting?

We usually receive data files from distributors on a daily basis so usually the quantity in stock will closely reflect the distributor’s stock. If there seems to be a major discrepancy, please let us know and we’ll look into it.

How come my preferred distributor is not listed on Octopart?

We work with over 160 distributors to list their inventory on Octopart. Let us know who you’d like to see on Octopart, but even more importantly, let the distributor know you’d like to see them on Octopart.

Are you hiring?

If you love electronics and think you could help us improve our service, check our jobs page and send us an email!

Your part search is super fancy... what's the secret sauce?

We built a custom semi-relational search service on top of open source components like Solr/Lucene, Thrift, and MySQL, which allows us to search millions of parts by hundreds of facets in the fraction of a second, scaled out to handle a million visitors a month. We thought other people might be interested in the system so we've made it available as a service at ThriftDB.com.

Where can I get an Octopart tee shirt?

Send us an email! We'd love to get some feedback from you as well.

I want to follow all of the cool things going on at Octopart. How can I keep up-to-date?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up for our Newsletter!

I'm interested in banner advertising. Who should I get in touch with?

Please contact Chris.

I'm interested in banner advertising. Who should I get in touch with?

Please email contact@octopart.com with the subject "Banner Ad Inquiry".

I'm an electronics component manufacturer, can I list my products on Octopart?

Absolutely! Much like for our distributors, the first step towards listing your parts on Octopart is to sign up for our Company Tools. From there, you’ll receive additional information on how to complete the registration process, how to use Octopart, and how to format your feed as a manufacturer.

I have a few excess parts; can I list them on Octopart?

Yes, you can, but you will still have to pay our minimum monthly fee. We strongly recommend that you list at least several thousand parts with us.

I'm an electronics component distributor, how do I list availability and prices for my parts on Octopart?

If you don't already have an account with us, the first step to listing on Octopart is to sign up for our Company Tools. From there, you’ll receive additional information on how to complete the registration process, how to use Octopart, and how to format your feed as a distributor.

What formats can I send my part data in?

Currently, we can accept .csv, .xls, .xlsx, and tab-delimited files. For more information on additional feed formatting requirements, please take a look at our feed formatting page.

What's the minimum information necessary to list a part on Octopart?

We require that distributors provide the manufacturer name, MPN, SKU, and a distributor-url for every part being listed with us. If your company does not have a SKU system, you may use the MPN as the SKU. For additional information on distributor-url, required and optional headers, and manufacturer requirements, please see our feed format page.

How much does it cost to list my inventory?

We offer our services on a month-to-month basis, with a monthly minimum fee. There’s no long-term contract, no membership fee and no cancellation fee. For details on all of our pricing information, please contact us via email at contact@octopart.com.

Do you offer free trials?

We aren't currently offering free trials.

What forms of payment do you accept? What's your billing model?

We currently accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, checks, and wires.

At the beginning of each month, you will receive an invoice and a click report detailing all activity rendered in the previous month.

How often can I update my inventory?

Manufacturers and distributors can update their inventory daily. We strongly suggest that updates be submitted at least every week.

What information will I get about the clicks I’m receiving?

At the end of each month, we’ll send you a plot of the clicks generated per day, and you'll also get a report of all click activity sent to you via Octopart for the month.

I’m a distributor of Y parts, but most of the parts listed on Octopart are Z. Can I still list my inventory?

If your parts are used industrially, in electronics, or you think they'd be useful to an engineer, manufacturer, or someone working in a lab, we'd be happy to list them. If you're not sure, contact us and we can figure out if Octopart would be a good fit for you.

A distributor is listed as authorized for my parts, but they are not actually authorized. How can I fix it?

Please email us at contact@octopart.com and we will fix it immediately.

How can I list as an Authorized Distributor?

There are two ways that a distributor can be listed as Authorized:

  1. You can become a distributor member of ECIA.
  2. You can send us evidence from a manufacturer that you are authorized to sell their line. We can accept either a link to the location on the manufacturer’s website citing you as an Authorized Distributor, or a copy of a recent distribution agreement with that manufacturer.

You can use Octopart to search for parts by keywords, part numbers, manufacturers, and distributors. Here are some more advanced keyword features to help you narrow your search:


Wildcards can be used anywhere within a part number. Leading and trailing wildcards are added implicitly (i.e. *74LS25* will return the same results as 74LS25).

Phrase match

Returns all parts whose documents contain the phrase "single board computer".