50 M to 50 MΩ 50 m to 616 GHz parts: Omron E2E-X1B1

Insulation Resistance: 50 M to 50 MΩ edit remove
Switching Frequency: 50 m to 616 GHz edit remove
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Omron E2E-X1B1

Proximity Sensor 1 mm 10-30V DC 3-Wire DC Stainless Steel 2m Cable 5 mm IEC IP67
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer Omron
Insulation Resistance
Switching Frequency
Lead Length
2 m
REACH SVHC Compliance
Supply Current
Mounting Type
Housing Material
Sold by 5 distributors including Newark, element14 APAC, Carlton-Bates, Amarillo Electric, Farnell
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