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Octopart is our authoritative source for selecting components and reducing supply chain risk. Their integration with Altium and their BOM upload feature cut out hours of legwork during the design process, and ensured first-time success on sourcing for each of our designs.
Robert Ussery Lead Hardware Engineer
After we've found a part that we'd like to incorporate into a design, we use Octopart to check which distributors have stock and how prices vary across multiple distributors. We have a master BOM that we check in at Octopart periodically to see if any parts are in danger of being out of stock. This has reduced many late night sudden feelings of panic for me.
Jia Huang Co-Founder
I generally go directly to Digikey and Mouser when searching for a new component. Once I find something that fits our needs, I'll use Octopart to see who else is carrying the component, what quantity of stock is available, and try to find the best price.
Paul Rothman Director of R&D
We use the Octopart Excel add-in to painlessly review pricing and availablity for our BOMs across multiple vendors. It also allows us to comparison shop components. In the past we would upload BOMs to individual distributors and work through sourcing issues on each distributors website, with Octopart we are able to consolidate that work to one Excel workbook.
Michael Whitley VP of Engineering
If we are going to go through the trouble of making an inventory of all of our parts, we may as well utilize some well-built tools to augment our part selection and requisition. Enter Octopart! Using Octopart’s API, we can more efficiently purchase parts in order to continue testing, maintaining and upgrading our SuperDARN radar sites.
Kevin Krieger Research Engineer at the University of Saskatchewan (Institute of Space and Atmospheric Studies)
I started a small guitar effects company way back in 2005. You youngins' wouldn't remember, but searching for parts was a pain. I'd usually go to Digikey, find the part I wanted. Then check for pricing on Mouser and Newark. Multiply this by a couple hundred part numbers and it was a huge pain, and I'd be making mistakes all over the place. Now you kids just copy and paste your BOM into Octopart?!? Excuse me if I'm a little jealous. Just checked out the Excel Add-in. Amazing! Keep it up Octopart!
Steve Bragg Owner
We use Octopart’s API extensively when choosing components to see how each change affects the cost of each MoMo, both at the prototyping and manufacturing scales. It is so easy to use that it is now an automatic part of our workflow.
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